ORALYTE Eff. Tab. Strawberry Flavor ( ORS Effervescent Tablet Strawberry Flavor )


ORALYTE effervescent tablets

ORALYTE effervescent, Orange-flavored ORS

ORALYTE is the same ORS that with the changes made in its formulation, it becomes a very tasty product with a very pleasant aroma and flavor that can be consumed.

This product is in accordance with the latest changes of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the ORS formulation.

ORALYTE is a tasty oral serum with a formula approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is available in three flavors of strawberry, lemon and orange.

It is used to supply the body with lost fluids and electrolytes and, in short, to treat dehydration.

The contents of each 2 tablets of ORALYTE are dissolved in a glass of water (200 ml).

The resulting solution has an osmolality of 256 mOsm / L

Pay attention to the following points during consumption:

Pour 1-2 boiling tablets of ORALYTE in a glass of water, wait for 2 to 3 minutes for all tablets to dissolve.

۲- Do not add more water after mixing.

۳- In children under 2 years old, chilled boiled water should be used.

۴ – Do not boil the resulting solution.

۵ – It is better to prepare fresh oral solution every time. The solution can be used in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

۶ – To prevent vomiting, the solution should be swallowed slowly.

Sodium 15 mEq      ۳۴۵ mg

Potassium 4 mEq   ۱۵۶ mg

Citrate 2 mEq          ۳۷۸ mg

Chloride 13 mEq     ۴۶۱ mg

Dextrose 15 mEq  ۲۷۰۰ mg

Uses of ORALYTE:

۱) Treatment of diarrhea, vomiting and food poisoning

۲) Reduce weakness and fatigue in colds and other infectious and viral diseases

۳) Supply of fluids and salts in heatstroke

۴) Supply of body fluids and salts lost after exercise

۵) Reduce daily weakness and fatigue