ORALYTE is the same as ORS that with the changes

made in its formulation.

It is very tasty product very pleasant taste can be consumed.

This product has been manufactured in accordance with the

latest WHO changes to the ORS formulation.

ORALYTE sachets are the first tasty oral serum with a

formula approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

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در دسترس می باشد.

برای تامین مایعات و الکترولیتهای از دست رفته بدن و بطور خلاصه

برای درمان دهیدراسیون بدن مصرف میگردد.

هر ساشه بعد از حل شدن در 200 میلی لیتر آب دارای مقادیر زیر می باشد:

سدیم 15 میلی اکی والان 345 میلی گرم
پتاسیم 4 میلی اکی والان 156 میلی گرم
سیترات 2 میلی اکی والان 378 میلی گرم
کلراید 13 میلی اکی والان 461 میلی گرم
دکستروز 15 میلی اکی والان 2700 میلی گرم
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Athletes and ORALYTE

ORALYTE in sports The low calorie ORALYTE solution (each sachet equivalent to 11.5 calories) is designed to quickly balance water and electrolytes in the body. By […]
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What is ORALYTE ?

ORALYTE is the same ORS that, with the changes made in its formulation, can be consumed in a very tasty, fragrant, and flavorful product. This product […]
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ORALYTE in diarrhea and food poisoning

Treatment of diarrhea and food poisoning with ORALYTE. In a healthy person, 2,000 to 3,000 mg of sodium will enter in the intestine daily. Almost all […]
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ORALYTE Suitable substitute for injectable serum

The body needs water and electrolytes to maintain the balance of blood and other fluids in tissues and cells for proper functioning. If the fluid level […]
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What is ORALYTE Plas Zinc

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Treatment of diarrhea in children and ORALYTE Plas Zinc


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