ORALYTE Sachet Orange Flavor

ORALYTE tasty Oral serum 

The first ORS flavor

formulated in accordance with WHO



 ORALYTE Sachet Orange Flavor

The first hero ORS flavor formulated in accordance with WHO

To provide fluids and electrolytes lost body and in brief for

dehydration therapy is used in the body

It has a flavored orange flavor Oral Serum

saccharin free

Gluten free

Each sachet contains 5 grams of ORALYTE powder.

Each sachet dissolving in a glass of water (200 ml).

It is able to supply the following materials:

Sodium:        ۱۵ mEq ;    ۳۴۵ milligrams

Potassium:     ۴ mEq ;    ۱۵۶ milligrams

Chloride:       ۱۳ mEq ;   ۴۶۱ milligrams

Citrate:            ۲ mEq ;   ۳۷۸ milligrams

Glucose:        ۱۵ mEq ; 2.700 milligrams

The resulting solution has a osmolality of 265 mOsm / L

Additional information

Weight 0.075 kg
Dimensions 7 × 3.8 × 10.5 cm

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