ORALYTE Plas Zinc and Cold
مهر ۲۸, ۱۳۹۸
شربت ویتامین ث ، وبتالند ، شربت ویتامین ث ویتالند ، شربت ویتامین C ویتالند ، ویتامین ث 250
Vitamin C Syrup 250 mg / 5 ml
مهر ۲۸, ۱۳۹۸

ORALYTE is the same as ORS.

That with some changes in its formulation we produced very tasty product

with perfume and the taste very welcome and nice can be consumed.

This product is according to American Formulation of tasty ORS products.

This product complies with the latest WHO changes

in ORS formulation.

ORALYTE sachets as the first delicious edible serum in Iran.

This product has three flavors :




are available.


To provide the body with fluids and electrolytes lost

Briefly in treat body dehydration.

Each sachet, after dissolving in 200 ml of water, has the following values:

Sodium : ۱۵  mili-eq ۳۴۵ mg
Potassium : ۴   milli-eq ۱۵۶ mg
Citrate : ۲   milli-eq ۳۷۸ mg
Chloride : ۱۳   milli-eq ۴۶۱ mg
Dextrose : ۱۵   milli-eq ۲۷۰۰ mg

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