Athletes and ORALYTE

ORALYTE in sports

The low calorie ORALYTE solution (each sachet equivalent to 11.5 calories) is designed to quickly balance water and electrolytes in the body.

By dissolving a ORALYTE sachet in 200 ml of water, has a total of 1.35 g of sodium, potassium, chloride and citrate electrolytes are obtained which contains 0.35 g of sodium.

In addition, the glucose of solution is 2.7 g (as dextrose).

The glucose in the solution cause in more electrolyte adsorption.

The combination of sodium and glucose cause in more electrolyte absorption.

ORALYTE solution has an osmolality of 265 mOsm / L.

ORALYTE is an excellent hydration solution due to its proper formulation and standard formulation (according to the WHO formula) and high sodium concentration and ideal osmolality.

Use of ORALYTE before, during and after exercise, especially when the body loses a significant amount of water and electrolytes through sweating (more than 2 percent of body weight).

Benefits of ORALYTE in athletes:

۱) A tasty drink of low energy and high sodium content

۲) Stimulate the rapid absorption of water and electrolytes before, during and after exercise

۳) Quick water supply to the body due to excessive sweating caused by exercise

۴) Storage of water and additional electrolytes before endurance exercise (especially in warm environments)

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